Brandon Sneed

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Head in the Game

  • “An absorbing journey into … the minds of us all. Exquisitely researched and told with a commanding and accessible voice, Sneed has shared insights that are not only often revelatory, but potentially life-changing. Plus, it’s pretty damned fascinating. Whether you come at Sneed’s work as a sports freak or a student of neuroscience, this is a goddamned jewel.

    Peter Richmond
    NYT bestselling author of Badasses
  • In his awesome book HEAD IN THE GAME, Sneed pulls back the veil on one of the most important, but least talked about, aspects of sports: the mind. In an engaging, articulate, entertaining way, Sneed shows us how the very best athletes get an edge in a world in which finding an edge is nearly impossible.

    Kate Fagan
    espnW columnist and author of What Made Maddy Run
  • This book is so much fun. Brandon Sneed is such an engaging tour guide to a world I knew very little about. Sneed goes on a global quest to discover how athletes are merging science and technology to maximize their mental athleticism. He has written a thrilling manifesto that reveals the many ways we can improve our games and our lives.

    Don Van Natta Jr.
    ESPN investigative reporter, Pulitzer Prize winner and New York Times bestselling author of First Off the Tee, Her Way and Wonder Girl
  • A graceful story about a revolution in sports and, ultimately, what it means to be a human being. If the brain is the new Wild West of performance training, Sneed is our thoughtful and tireless cowboy guide. A stunning work of narrative non-fiction.

    Lars Anderson
    New York Times best-selling author of seven books, including The Mannings and The Storm and The Tide
  • We often look toward athletes and marvel at their 40 times, their vertices, their bench presses. But surely there has to be more to this whole thing. In Head in the Game, Brandon Sneed offers a deep dive into the cranial lobes of elite athletes. You’ll marvel at what he uncovers.

    Jeff Pearlman
    Jeff Pearlman former senior writer at Sports Illustrated and New York Times bestselling author of Gunslinger, Showtime, Sweetness, Boys Will Be Boys
  • There’s a revolution around the corner in sports that this book and Sneed’s captivating voice bring into focus in marvelous detail to illuminate what lies ahead. Head in the Game is a remarkable examination.

    Brin-Jonathan Butler
    author of The Domino Diaries
  • This book is great. Head in the Game opens your eyes so much to the new world of mental engineering in sports that it’s a feat of mental engineering of its own: Anyone looking to learn more about the world around them and how the athletes they adore do what they do should read it immediately.

    Will Leitch
    author of Are We Winning? and God Save the Fan