February 9, 2011

Duke vs. UNC — Which Side Are You On? And Why?

 (This is an updated version of the original post.) The Greatest College Basketball Rivalry Ever resumed this week.  Duke vs. Carolina. At 9 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 9, they threw down. Carolina absolutely torched Duke in the first half, led 43-29 at the break, and my wife looked at me and simply said, "I am...
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Paintball! Part III (a.k.a. Why I’m The Wimp Who Does That Instead Of Going To Egypt)

I'm the quintessential American twenty-something ex-collegiate-athlete. I love feeling a rush without doing something actually dangerous. Like shooting at people and getting shot at with no chance of death. Me laying down some paint hiding.  Like paintball. (My much-mentioned Wilmington Star-News column went online today; it's in print tomorrow. An excerpt is at the end...
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