Brandon's Notebook


I’m trying to write great stories that move you. 

I’m speaking to groups around the country about the things that can help all of us — namely, how to deal with the things that scare us — so that we can live better stories ourselves. 

I’m exploring more about how to better talk about, understand, and deal with mental health — my own and ours as a collective whole — by dealing with these things in our heads called our brains that drive us around and make all the best and worst parts of our lives possible. 

And I’m trying to focus on and remember the beauty that exists in the world, and even create some more beauty for it. If you spend too much time online you’ll become convinced the world is forever dark and full of terror. 

It’s not. 

Our world has problems, but it is also more than its problems. And the things that are good are the things that make the problems worth fixing. 

I’m exploring all of this while also trying to balance huge ambition with a huge heart for my sweet, beautiful wife and our two very young sons, and our desire to contribute something good to the world. 

I’m a passionate person and sometimes also a goofball, and I’m a little crazy, too. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad, and sometimes it’s crazy enough that I just might work. 

These are notes and adventures from the road.