HITG is a multimedia expansion on my 2017 book HEAD IN THE GAME.

I'm exploring the mental engineering revolution taking place among the world's greatest athletes and performers — and what it means for all of us.

(In rough draft mode right now. Soft launch in Spring 2019.)

Hi, I'm Brandon.

I'm a writer, speaker, and consultant obsessed with learning and sharing what I find.

Here, I'll dig into stories, research, and my own personal experience. I've experienced a lot working for the world's leading media companies, and I've learned a lot from the world's leading athletes, performers, neuroscientists, and psychologists.


Our minds are so strong they can create beautiful skyscrapers and bombs that bring them down.

I want to make sense out of what's going on in all our heads.

I'll draw from my experience as a journalist with great athletes, what I've learned studying, neuroscience, religion, philosophy, and what makes the raw human spirit — and my favorite source: pure stories.

The goal: Seek more about what makes our minds strong and share what I find.

One thing I know for sure after enduring some personal hell: The things we often think make us weak can actually make us strong.


As a journalist for ESPN, Bleacher Report, Outside, and more, I've gotten to know some of the best athletes and performers in the world.

I've spent real time with the likes of Olympic snowboarding champion Shaun White, UFC legend Georges St-Pierre, college football coaches Urban Meyer and Lincoln Riley, Harlem Globetrotters Meadowlark Lemon and Ant Atkinson, superstar MLB pitcher Justin Verlander, supermodel Kate Upton, performance psychologist Dr. Michael Gervais of Red Bull and the Seattle Seahawks, performance scientist Dr. Andy Walshe at Red Bull, NBA superstar Stephen Curry and his personal trainer Brandon Payne, and many more. I've learned deep, astonishing things from neuroscientists and innovation researchers working for everyone from the government to Nike and UnderArmour, and more.

I've seen the ways legendary people have learned how to break down seemingly unbreakable mental walls.

The Book

"Sneed pulls back the veil on the most important—and least talked about—aspect of sports: the mind."

Kate Fagan, ESPNW columnist + NYT bestselling author of WHAT MADE MADDY RUN

"Whether you're a sports freak or a student of neuroscience, this ... is a goddamned jewel."

Peter Richmond, NYT bestselling author of BADASSES

"A thrilling manifesto ... Sneed is such an engaging tour guide to a world I knew very little about."

Don Van Natta, Pulitzer-winning investigative journalist at ESPN + NYT bestselling author of OFF THE TEE + HER WAY + WONDER GIRL

"If the brain is the new Wild West of performance ... Sneed is our tireless and thoughtful cowboy guide."

Lars Anderson, NYT bestselling author of THE MANNINGS + THE STORM AND THE TIDE

"A deep dive into the cranial lobes of elite athletes ... You'll marvel at what he uncovers."

Jeff Pearlman, NYT bestselling author of GUNSLINGER + SHOWTIME + SWEETNESS