I’m Brandon.

I believe in stories.

My new book is Head in the Game: The Mental Engineering of the World’s Greatest Athletes (Dey Street).

It’s about how “mental engineering” has become the new frontier in sports training — and the huge implications that has for the rest of us.

That means this book is full of science but ultimately built around a story. It’s the story of how I tried — really hard — to become a pro baseball player, and failed, and then went in search of answers when it turned out my brain was a little broken.

As that unfolded, I met and spoke at length with many smart, interesting, even famous people doing thrilling stuff, discovering one wild story after another. As a result, not only did I get help, but I came to completely re-think the world as I knew it.

More on that here.

I also recently joined B/R Mag at Bleacher Report and CNN as a writer-at-large.

My story “I’m Not the Lone Wolf” is a 2017 finalist for the prestigious Livingston Award, which honors the best reporting and storytelling by journalists under the age of 35 in print, broadcast and digital journalism. It is the largest all-media, general reporting prize in American journalism.

“I’m Not the Lone Wolf” tells the story of Urban Meyer, the great college football coach who won national championships at Florida while coaching Tim Tebow, was forced out of the game by mental health problems that landed him in the hospital thinking he was dying, and found his way back to lead his alma mater, Ohio State, to yet another national championship.

In the past, I’ve had stories published by Outside, SB Nation Longform, CNN, GQ, ESPN The Magazine, Pacific Standard, and other places. Occasionally, my work may still pop up here and there.

I write some fiction, too, and hope to find time to polish it up enough that someone wants to publish it.

I was raised on fantastical stories and I’ve sketched out a whole bunch of my own. They are short stories, and novels, and screenplays. Soon as we find a cure for sleep, I’ll be able to finish them, and one day unleash my madness upon the world.

I live in Greenville, N.C., with my wife, the baby growing in her belly, our toddler son, and our two dogs, a Jack Russell Terrier and a half-Jack Russell Terrier half-pit bull.

My agent is Eric Lupfer at Fletcher & Co.