GSP Back

The king of the fight game walked away a UFC champ. Then his mind got to racing. But Georges St-Pierre needed to become imperfect before returning to the Octagon.
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Shaun White and Miley Cyrus Make S’mores (Extras)

One of my favorite stories Shaun told me while talking with him for my B/R Mag story that just dropped. (Go check that out, please!)  For a little while, this was the lead to that story, but felt too random, and it felt out of place at this length elsewhere in the story, so we cut...
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Urban Meyer, the Bear Lady, the Truth About Fear

Been meaning to do this for a while, but here’s a transcript (lightly edited) of the talk I gave to the incoming freshman class at my alma mater, Barton College. (There’s a video of the talk itself at the end of if you’d rather just skip ahead and watch that.)  There’s some advice in here that...
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Cristiano Ronaldo Scores a Header in the Pitch Black Dark

Here’s a video mentioned in Chapter 13 of HEAD IN THE GAME, “Gaming the Brain,” wherein someone kicks a soccer ball at Cristiano Ronaldo‘s head, whereupon someone else kills the lights and all the world goes dark, whereafter, a thud, wherethen the lights come back on and we all see the ball in the net. NeuroTracker...
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Where Didn’t Eric Bledsoe Not Want To Be: A B/R Mag Investigation

Eric Bledsoe was cast aside by the Suns after a cryptic tweet he says they misunderstood. Was he right? Were there more sinister forces in the universe forcing his hand?
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A Conspiracy of Comfort: Why It’s Time to Rethink What Coaches Wear

Stan Van Gundy is running away from me. OK, not running. But he is moving quickly across the parking lot of the Quest Multisport facility in Chicago, his forehead peppered by beads of sweat, strands of his thinning salt-and-pepper hair waving in the wind. (As always, his mustache is magnificent.) He makes for a black...
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