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The choice has been made

The decision has been made. We’ll announce on Monday, August 2, which cover we’ve gone with for our forthcoming book The Edge of Legend. The cover is nearly finished, and includes a couple of tweaks from what you see here.  Further details about the book covers: we’ll be making the announcement in an 140-character long status update special called “The Pick,” or, “da pk”. You’ll have to be a fan of the new Facebook page though, …

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Got a real nice phone call earlier tonight. Been thinking about it on and off ever since. It was my old journalism professor, and my first journalism boss, and the harshest but best editor I’ve ever had. He’s been reading my book. He’s been really busy this summer. As it goes with most newspapers these days, it’s been something of an ordeal, keeping the ship afloat and moving forward these past couple of years. This …

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What Inception Is Really All About

If you haven’t seen Inception yet, two things: One, don’t read this. It’ll ruin the whole movie. Two: Why not? I’m posting this in honor of my youngest brother, Logan, who turns 18 today, because we share a like passion for great movies. Inception was one such movie. Happy birthday, lil’ bro. This is the review I’ve been working on for the past five days. I know, I really should have been doing other things …

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When Barry Bonds Became a Super Villain (also: ARod, Eminem, Pres. Obama, and my dreams about them)

Barry BondsThanks to Joe Posnanski, I found myself today* getting all wrapped up in imagining the life and mind of Barry Bonds, and what the arc of his life looked like and why.  *(When I should be working or packing for our upcoming vacation. But whatever. I’m ahead of schedule. Well, I was. Now I’m behind because I’ve been reading and am now writing about what I’ve been reading. What’s wrong with me?) Alex Rodriguez …

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Triathlon Series

We went and took lots of pictures of Harlem Globetrotter “Ant” the other day

Well, Brent Holloman, a talented graphic artist who’s also a professional photographer with Millie Holloman Photography went with me to take lots of pictures of Harlem Globetrotter “Ant” the other day. If you’re out of the loop, I’m writing a book about Ant* that will publish in fall 2010 and am handling a lot of the publishing side of things, too. Part of that includes getting cover art and such.  *(Dude’s an awesome basketball player …

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I’m Trying Surfing. It Hurts.

That is not me.The water is warm now. I can surf now. Well, I can try to surf.  Well, really, I can try to learn to surf.  The wife, Katie, and I bought surfboards. One last summer. One two months ago in preparation for this summer. Once we realized we’d be in Wilmington likely through the season, we knew that if there was one more thing to glean from this beautiful city, it was the …

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Santa of the Streets

Relevantmagazine.com today published my essay about the man Wilmington knew as the Ogden Santa. A few lines of it are below. Check out the whole thing if you have a sec.  Word. Dane Hobbs didn’t have a TV or a car or even a cell phone….or, for that matter, a house. He had a wallet for awhile, but one day that got stolen, and with it went his license, library card and Social Security card, …

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