Before The Hoodie


My newest published story is out now — Bleacher Report asked me to write Bill Belichick’s origin story. Been working on it the past couple months.

Truth be told, it was a frustrating story, one that, frankly, I was ready to give up on. Belichick wasn’t talking to me, nobody close to him was talking to me, and I thought that the story would be better if we waited a few more weeks at least, once the Deflategate stuff died down. But my editor over there pushed me through. I’m glad he did.

I ended up talking to several reporters who knew Belichick pretty well, including Peter King, Vinny DiTrani, Tony Grossi, and Peter Richmond. I also talked to a couple of guys who played with him — and most essentially, I read probably 200 or more newspaper and magazine articles and a couple of books about Belichick.

Obviously, I’d have loved to talk with Belichick, what with it being a story about him and all, but I’m happy with how the story turned out. Think you’ll like it: Click.


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