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Hey, I'm Brandon. Journalist (writer-at-large for Bleacher Report). Author of HEAD IN THE GAME and CONBODY (with Coss Marte). Future novelist (details coming soon).

This is my blog, a.k.a. basecamp for all my #content. It's hard to define, because I'm hard to define — people have always tried, all have failed* — but basically it's my notebook about great stories and art and how people make them, and how I'm trying to make them, too.

And along with that, what helps keep me from losing my mind, and what helps when I inevitably lose it anyway.

People keep telling me to save all this stuff for my fiction, but that'll take a lot longer to finish, and this stuff could help people right now.**

*Only my wife and therapist have me figured out, and I'm not always sure about my therapist.

** By "people" I might also mean "just voices in my head" but I think the point stands either way: Glad you're here, let's do some dope stuff together and have some fun.