Cool People

Qiana Joy won

Remember Qiana? She’s the super-sweet girl who worked at my kid’s daycare who came down with cancer. Well, today, it became official: She kicked cancer’s butt. Here’s her Facebook post, with her friend Erika. F*** cancer. Go Qiana. Be joyful y’all.  
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BORN THAT WAY: The Legend of Coach Marvin Jarman

On a Monday night in Greenville, North Carolina, the fever of high school football archrivalry sweeps over a field in the country. Almost everyone will lose their minds at some point over the next few hours, all except one man. J.H. Rose High School’s football team, after a 30-minute trip from Marvin Jarman Drive in...
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Some notes regarding the Marvin Jarman story

One of the hardest parts of every assignment is deciding what to leave out. That’s never been more true than right now: My story about Greenville, N.C. coaching icon Marvin Jarman comes out at SB Nation Longform tomorrow (see this previous blog post about it), and I feel like I only used two percent of the material and interviews I...
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The ConBody Kickstarter

Hey, remember former-drug-kingpin-turned-fitness-superstar Coss Marte? I profiled him for SB Nation back in April. And now, he could use some help and I thought you’d like to know about it — check out his Kickstarter page here. Basically, he needs to raise $25,000 in the next 25 days so they can build a much-needed new studio space....
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Marvin Jarman

Just posted this on Facebook and figured I might as well share it here: I’ve never done this before, but hey, this is as good a time as any: I’m going to tell you about a story I’m writing and ask for your help with it. Cool? Cool. So here’s the deal: For SB Nation​,...
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