The Baseball Player and His Broken Brain

  This is not a story I wanted to put into print, but leaving it out would feel dishonest.When my hunt for This Stuff began about three years ago, it was personal, and many people only opened up after they heard some of my story. It seemed to unlock an unspoken trust. If this guy’s...
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MLB Prospect Casey Thomas’ Gym Rat Heart, Cool West Coast Vibe Lost at Just 24

  My latest for Bleacher Report is about the day Oakland A’s rookie prospect Casey Thomas dies a few weeks ago, and about the way he lived — all at once willing to work hard, but also according to his trademark phrase: “Own your flow.” When news broke of his death a few weeks ago, B/R editors...
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Confetti, cracked dreams and crying in front of Jordan: what it feels like one year later for UNC's Marcus Paige, whose one shining moment got erased by the ultimate March Madness buzzer-beater.
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The Linebacker, the Dead Body, and a Pizza Delivery From Hell

Napoleon Harris may not be Bruce Wayne—he was in the NFL and politics, and he's real—but for at least one night, to one community on Chicago's South Side, he was as close to Batman as this world has to offer
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How ‘Little Floyd’ Became ‘Money Mayweather’

Hot on the heels of my story about the unforgettable Coss Marte last week comes this profile of the inescapable Floyd Mayweather. Sorry to add to all the Mayweather noise, but I tried to do something nobody’s managed to really do — pin down who Mayweather really is, and why. Much like Floyd’s life, the...
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