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Oh hi there!

Been a while, meaning it’s about time for another “oh darn I haven’t blogged in awhile so here’s an update” sort of post. Darn, I haven’t blogged in awhile, so here’s an update. I haven’t been blogging as much for a few reasons, but the main one is that I’m focusing on other work right...
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My name is Brandon Sneed, and I’m a writer, editor, and publisher from eastern North Carolina. I’m also a husband and brand-new dad. I used to play baseball and now I write books and journalism, and I’m married to a girl I’ve loved since I was 10 and we just had a baby boy together, and I love...
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Brandon’s Blog

About the blog. Adventures in the life and career of a twenty-something North Carolina writer. Explorations of the universe. Craziness as a new dad. Helping people with stories to tell tell their stories. Trying not to get fat. Glad you’re here. (All of this is as of January 2014, by the way. If you go...
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Brandon’s For Hire

My primary job is partnering with people, brands, and companies who have great stories to tell. Having written and published a book lends you an invaluable amount of well-deserved credibility. It’s a brilliant move that undeniably enhances your company, brand, and career. Not to mention that chronicling your legacy in the written form is one...
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Brandon’s Books

Non-Fiction The Edge of Legend The Edge of Legend tells the unbelievable true story of the greatest college basketball championship ever played. Someone else is making a movie about this, but not it’s based off my book, and their movie won’t be as good as my book so just buy my book instead. Just kidding....
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Brandon’s Stories

Journalism I’ve written for ESPN The Magazine and, GQ, Outside, Men’s Journal, the New York Times, SB Nation Longform, SLAM, Our State, and many more magazines and newspapers. My work has been recognized by Byliner, Longform, Longreads, TIME, MSN, Slate, and more. “Off the Mat” — How UFC featherweight Nik Lentz fought to save his father while reinventing himself. (SB Nation...
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