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What Sports Give Us

Sports used to be my life. I was a baseball catcher, planning to go pro. Obsessed over it for four years in college. Failed at it for four years. Got all depressed. Started hating baseball. Hated sports. Sort of hated myself.  I probably should have seen a therapist.  Without baseball, however—without my failure—I never could...
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Remember That Time I Did Triathlon Stuff?

  So, a year ago this time, I was trying to make myself better but killing myself in the process. Or so it felt. So strongly I felt I was dying sometimes that I so often used the term “killing myself” or some variation thereof that an angry reader scolded me for being so careless...
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‘I’ve Been Living In A Comfort Inn’: A Few Things About Life As A Pro Baseball Player

  Welcome to the first installment in a new feature here at "A Few Things About ...", in which we explore awesome things people are doing. (And, yes, I am sort of ripping off Esquire's format for "What I've Learned," where we remove the questions and just leave the answers. But hey, it's one...
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Blake Griffin Not The First To Dunk Over Car; LeBron To Become First To Dunk Over Giraffe

  Here's some more fun for sports fans and non-sports fans alike. Men jumping over cars to throw basketballs through nets. And here I am, just happy to still be able to grab rim.  If you somehow haven't heard, Blake Griffin, the rookie phenom from the Los Angeles Clippers, won the 2011 NBA Dunk Contest...
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On Lance Armstrong, Cheating, and Righteousness

  Odds are, even if you're not a sports fan, you've heard of Lance Armstrong. You've definitely at least seen one of his yellow "Livestrong" bracelets. He started the whole rubber band bracelet fad. He's used it and his whole Livestrong brand to raise $400 million for cancer research.  In 1999, he returned from brain,...
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Outdoors column: Coyotes a Growing Nuisance

This week’s Star-News Outdoors column is about coyotes. It’ll run in Thursday’s print edition and is online now. Aooohhhhhh…. Excerpt: The sun falls into the west and as it does the darkness comes and the moon rises into the sky, and there, in the night, the sounds start. The howling. The baying. They sound like...
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On Becoming a Father

No, I haven't become a father. Yet. But Cooper has. Or at least, he thinks he might have. I promised some lighter posts after a heavy week last week, and an even heavier post today in wake of my first full funeral. Thus I hereby present the newest Cooper Guest Blog: On Becoming a Fatherby...
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Upcoming Book Event: Sat., Dec. 18 at Dick’s Hot Dogs in Wilson, NC with Ant Atkinson

(From the official press release)   Harlem Globetrotter and Wilson hometown hero Anthony "Ant" Atkinson, the subject of a new book, "The Edge of Legend," will be at Dick's Hot Dogs in Wilson from 12:30-3 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 18, to talk to the public. Brandon Sneed, the book's author, will also appear. Both will...
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Jammin 99.3 folks are going to interview me about The Edge of Legend

I’ll be on Jammin 99.3 in Wilson tomorrow morning at 8:45 for 15 or 20 minutes, talking with the guys about The Edge of Legend. If you’re not in the Wilson area, you can stream the interview live at  Hopefully, I won’t ramble too much. I tend to do that.  So tune in. I’ll...
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Thoughts on Sundays and Michael Vick from Cooper Jack Russell Terrier Holloman Sneed

Brandon's watching a football game while Katie gets ready for church. A green team versus a red team. Brandon was groaning about Michael Vick getting hurt and maybe breaking a rib. If you're surprised I know who he is, don't be. Every dog in the world knows Michael Vick, a.k.a. The Worst Dog Owner In...
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Humans, it’s Cooper. That’s right. I’m back. Again.

Cooper wrote a blog. He wants to start doing that again. I decided to let him. That said, I assume no responsibility for the following.
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