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How ‘Little Floyd’ Became ‘Money Mayweather’

Hot on the heels of my story about the unforgettable Coss Marte last week comes this profile of the inescapable Floyd Mayweather. Sorry to add to all the Mayweather noise, but I tried to do something nobody’s managed to really do — pin down who Mayweather really is, and why. Much like Floyd’s life, the story’s not quite how it seems at first. All I think you really need to know is that Josie Harris, …

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Cuts: Or, Things That Get Left Out

One of the hardest parts of journalism for me, because I get obsessed with whatever/whoever I’m learning about, is deciding what not to write — and inevitably, every story goes to print with some excellent stuff left out. I wrestle with this every story. This is one of the most important parts of writing, and to my immense gratitude, I have smart — and patient — editors who helped me work through it. If you guys are reading …

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The Remaking of Coss Marte

My new story is out now at SB Nation. Read it here. Been a long time since I’ve written any longform journalism, mostly because I spent most of last year focused on Behind the Drive, and my novel. (Behind the Drive is out now, too, by the way. You can read some excerpts at if you want. And the novel … well, it’ll be out sometime in the not too distant future, although I’m not …

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Speaking? But aren’t you a writer?

I’ve begun setting up some speaking engagements, and I’d love to come speak somewhere near you. I’m speaking to a pretty wide variety of people, from high school and youth groups on up to business organizations and everything in between, about writing, journalism, business, general career advice, chasing dreams, and just about everything. Maybe this is weird because I’m a writer. Well, now, I am also a speaker. I have become a speaker because I like …

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To cuss, or not to cuss.

At one point in Behind The Drive (out in March!), Kenney gives us this delight of a sentence: “And that’s when the fuzzin’ fuzzety fuzz fuzzes came out of me.” Only, in real life, Kenney didn’t say “fuzz,” but another word. This was one of the hardest decisions for me to make as I finished up the manuscript in December. There were more than 60 cuss words in the final draft, and more than 40 of them …

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