A running log of things I’m working on.

We went and took lots of pictures of Harlem Globetrotter “Ant” the other day

Well, Brent Holloman, a talented graphic artist who’s also a professional photographer with Millie Holloman Photography went with me to take lots of pictures of Harlem Globetrotter “Ant” the other day. If you’re out of the loop, I’m writing a book about Ant* that will publish in fall 2010 and am handling a lot of...
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I’m Trying Surfing. It Hurts.

That is not me.The water is warm now. I can surf now. Well, I can try to surf.  Well, really, I can try to learn to surf.  The wife, Katie, and I bought surfboards. One last summer. One two months ago in preparation for this summer. Once we realized we’d be in Wilmington likely through...
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Santa of the Streets today published my essay about the man Wilmington knew as the Ogden Santa. A few lines of it are below. Check out the whole thing if you have a sec.  Word. Dane Hobbs didn’t have a TV or a car or even a cell phone….or, for that matter, a house. He had a wallet...
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