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Because my wife doesn't like promoting her own work, I'm doing it for her.

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2013 Recap

First: Thanks a TON for reading. You’re rockstars, alla ya. I’ll make this quick. Super exciting news: I signed a book deal in late 2013. Details on that are available here. Other exciting news: has, if you haven’t noticed, gotten a complete overhaul and is taking on a new editorial direction that actually has some semblance of purpose. In short: Exploring the art and business of writing and life. With a generous allowance for total …

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Someone interviewed me about writing and ‘Death of a Ballplayer’

I like to interview people around here, something I’m sure you’re aware of by now–but I’ve never really been interviewed, at least not in-depth about my writing process and whatnot. Until this week. Jeff Kirshman covers the Oaklands Athletics for, and he wanted to ask me some questions about SB Nation story “Death of a Ballplayer” and some stuff about writing in general.

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Ryan O’Hanlon Went To The Most Dangerous City in the World and Lived to Do This Interview About It


Ryan O’Hanlon is an editor at Outside magazine. He’s also an excellent dude and writer. He recently went to Honduras — specifically, the city of San Pedro Sula — to cover the U.S. men’s soccer team’s World Cup qualifier. For ye unknowing folk (like myself pre-RO’H-coverage), San Pedro Sula, Honduras, is, according to a Washington Post article that O’Hanlon references in one of his dispatches, “the world’s most violent place.” 

This is not a story I can imagine my wife getting super excited about me getting assigned. Fortunately for me and you, RO’H did a fantastic job and lived to tell about it. He wrote about men talking coups, a terrible mall, and, you know, the game. They are excellent and if you enjoy good journaliasm and fun reading then go read all of that.

I interviewed him about it. That’s below.

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Chris Jones on Dueling With GQ Writer Chris Heath for the Zanesville Zoo Story

Been getting lots of questions from folks about where exactly to read about Esquire‘s Chris Jones “salting the earth” in trying to outduel rival GQ writer Chris Heath while reporting on his Zanesville Zoo story. Here is that portion of the interview. If you want to read the full interview, it was published here on Feb. 7, 2012. You can read Jones’s story HERE. You can read Heath’s story HERE. And you can read an …

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Who Kenny Powers Is Based Off Of, Whether He Could Beat Up Ricky Vaughn, the Sport Danny McBride is Actually Good At, and How He Learned To Pitch

Danny McBride didn’t know how to throw a baseball when he started filming for the cult HBO comedy Eastbound & Down.

For the uninformed: McBride plays the salty-mouthed, mullet-wearing burned out pitcher many believe is modeled after notorious former Atlanta Braves closer John Rocker. I was lucky enough to snag an interview with McBride for ESPN The Magazine a few weeks ago. You can read it here. Lots of good material ended up not making the final print version—hey, no worries, it happens all the time—so in honor of the show’s Season 3 premiere tonight, I give you all kinds of extra goodies below, including the inside scoop on the sport McBride used to be something of a prodigy at, plus the truth about that John Rocker rumor. Enjoy. 

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‘We’re Just Praying Cuts Are Done’: A Few More Things About Life As A Minor League Yankee

Krames and PopsWelcome to the fourth installment in a new feature here at A Few Things About …, in which we explore awesome things people are doing. (And, yes, I am sort of ripping off Esquire’s format for “What I’ve Learned,” where we remove the questions and just leave the answers. But hey, it’s one of my favorite magazines, so that makes it okay. Right?)

In today’s episode we catch up with Kramer Sneed, who was the first person featured in the series. You can read his first interview here

Last time, he was living in a Comfort Inn, he was just trying to figure out the minor league spring training lifestyle, and he totally dropped a “For Love of the Game” reference, drawing the ire of bestselling author and columnist Jeff Pearlman. Fortunately, things are going much better for him now.

Take it away, Krames … 

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‘There’s No Rules With the Amish, That’s Part of the Problem’: A Few Things About Blogging Awesomely in Amish Country, with Bryan Allain

Bryan Allain is the latest fascinating individual to be featured here in the new series “A Few Things About…” He’s excellent at blogging and hiding under laptops. He graciously agreed to talk blogging, sports (as the former author of the now-nonexistent Prayers For Blowouts blog), humor, Amish people, and why he keeps blogging even when it makes him like, no money. 

He makes people laugh (most of the time) over at and tries to make people better bloggers over at He also might be one of the coolest, hardest-working dudes I know.

I stumbled across him via his “The Noah’s Ark According to the Office” post sometime last year, and have been following him ever since. He’s also been kind enough to interview me on his podcast, The FreshPod, even though my younger brother plays for the Yankees and he’s a Red Sox guy. That’s love just like Jesus, I would imagine. 

And I don’t actually “know” him, except through the magic of the Internet. He lives up in Intercourse—yes, Intercourse—Pennsylvania, where he does something for some boring company and blogs in his free time. In the meantime, he has to deal with Amish people, their transportation-by-horse-and-buggy way of life, and thus when he jogs, he has to dodge the patties their horses often leave in his path.

Sorry. That was gross.

Anyway, I’ll let him do the rest of the talking. I’m glad he decided to swing by … although honestly, I’m not real sure why. Whatever the reason, it’s always a good time. Enjoy. 

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‘My Life Had Been A Party All Over The World’: A Few Things About Getting Clean and Sober Without The 12 Steps

Welcome to the second installment of “A Few Things About”, an interview series with fascinating characters, exclusive here at

Evan Morgenstein recently tweeted that he had been clean and sober for a full year. This is remarkable for two reasons: one, his life revolves around giving people a good time, and people have that good time most commonly by getting not sober. And two, he didn’t go through the usual 12 Steps program to make it happen. 

Evan is the president and CEO of several integrated companies that focus on representing talent and corporations. He’s started six companies since 1997. He’s a self-described “prototypical Type A control freak.” He says, “I live for the excitement of closing new deals. Not the money. It’s being in the throws of negotiation that fuels me.”

And yes, that’s him with Buzz Aldrin above.

So without further ado, here’s Evan, about life as a newly sober partygoer. 

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Surviving Wildfires, Part 4 of 4

Christian lives in Amarillo, TX. She’s also one of my wife’s best friends. For the past couple weeks, the area’s been just crushed by wildfires. Last week, she and her husband were forced to evacuate their home with flames devouring their neighborhood. Their story will be shared here in four installments over the next four days. It’s a lens through which to view a bigger tragedy … and through which to find something unbelievable in such a time as this: Joy. 

Surviving Wildfires | Part 4 of 4
by Christian Bressler, as told to Brandon Sneed


I could have kissed the ground. The house was there. It was covered in ash. Everything was, including the grass, which was why I didn’t actually kiss it. And the house reeked of smoke, but it was undamaged. We figured that the wind somehow blew ash even inside, because it covers computers, dressers, tables, the floor. But they were still there to be covered.

We walked out into the backyard. The fire had stopped halfway through the yard. A few feet further, it catches the house, and the house is gone.

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