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Tim Tebow Can’t Help Himself

  What if a 29-year-old former quarterback was good enough to play pro baseball, too? What if we all tried the things that people told us we could not do? Inside the final comeback of a born-again star   Before he said yes to training Tim Tebow over the summer, former major league catcher Chad Moeller met with the recovering quarterback at his private baseball training facility in Scottsdale, Arizona, and had a couple of …

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Cuts: Or, Things That Get Left Out

One of the hardest parts of journalism for me, because I get obsessed with whatever/whoever I’m learning about, is deciding what not to write — and inevitably, every story goes to print with some excellent stuff left out. I wrestle with this every story. This is one of the most important parts of writing, and to my immense gratitude, I have smart — and patient — editors who helped me work through it. If you guys are reading …

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Speaking? But aren’t you a writer?

I’ve begun setting up some speaking engagements, and I’d love to come speak somewhere near you. I’m speaking to a pretty wide variety of people, from high school and youth groups on up to business organizations and everything in between, about writing, journalism, business, general career advice, chasing dreams, and just about everything. Maybe this is weird because I’m a writer. Well, now, I am also a speaker. I have become a speaker because I like …

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Seven years ago today

Seven years ago today, Barton College and its hometown hero Anthony Atkinson won the 2007 NCAA Division II national championship in ridiculous fashion. To quote the great Will Leitch, whose writing about the game in the New York Times that year inspired the title of the book: “If this had happened in Division I, it would have been legend.”

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