The Future, Which Almost Wasn’t: Behind the Drive Chapter 1


That’s me and Kenney right after we got our hands on a copy of the book the other day.

You can read a PDF of Chapter 1: The Future, Which Almost Wasn’t at by clicking here.

You can also buy Behind the Drive on Amazon now. And it’ll be in bookstores soon.

Also: Sorry this blog has gotten a bit slow and Behind the Drive-centric lately. Been really busy with a book proposal, an article deadline, some writing classes I felt like teaching, and promoting Behind the Drive. I have some things in the works for the blog, though, that I think you’ll all be pretty excited about.

Thanks for reading. You’re the best.

— B.

2 Responses
  1. Bill

    I have read the chapter and thoroughly liked your prose, Brandon. Also, how can I get ‘Edge of Legend’? I live in a country called Kenya, East Africa.