David Roth Says Cool Things About ‘Nobody Walks Alone’

Many thanks to David Roth at the Wall Street Journal for a great shoutout about my recent ESPN The Magazine story, “Nobody Walks Alone.”

From Roth’s Tuesday column at The Daily Fix

Mike Williams was never all that famous, although he did spend much of his working life around people more famous than he – first in a supporting-garbageman role during his brief NBA career (and a longer one abroad) and then as a bodyguard for famous people who had use of an imposing 300-pounder who was nicknamed Massive Mike during his playing days. So when Williams was badly injured in carrying out his bodyguard duties, it didn’t make news.

And yet the story of Williams’ qualified, difficult, ongoing and near-miraculous recovery from apparent paralysis is a pretty great sports story. And because of what it illuminates about the bonds between teammates, about competitive and strength, and some bigger truths about human toughness, Williams’s story, as told by Brandon Sneed in ESPN the Magazine, is pretty inspiring even if you don’t know who Massive Mike Williams is.

To quote a gangsta stereotype: Word, homie. 

OK, sorry about that.

But for real, thanks David. 

You can find good ol’ Dave at davidroththewriter.com

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