Esquire Editor David Granger On Longform Versus Shortform in Storytelling

Ad Age’s Simon Dumenco asked many-awards-winning Esquire editor David Granger this question:

You’re a lifelong magazine guy and long-form storyteller. Now you’re working with short-attention-span TV people to help launch the Esquire Network. [Sneed Note: Granger’s developing the Esquire Network with NBC Universal.] Be honest: If you weren’t bald already, would you be pulling your hair out by now?

Below is what Granger said, in part. (Here’s the column in full. Definitely worth the read.)

People (smart people) want more, bigger, longer experiences. They are reacting to the ephemerality and the choppiness of their work lives by committing to their entertainments.

Which is one of the things that worries me when I look at the way a lot of consumer magazines are redesigning themselves. Just at a time when people are longing for depth and getting it from so many forms of entertainment, most of the magazine redesigns I see tend to emphasize the quick and the superficial.