ferguson protestor

Police shot an unarmed black kid in Ferguson, Mo., two days ago.

Now there are protests and the police are going after the protestors like they’re invading Iraq or something.

No, seriously. The St. Louis County Police Department is going after protestors with SWAT teams and military getup and actual soldiers are even looking at them going, “Dude, we dressed up less to go to war.”

I can’t keep going on about it. This is bumming me out too hard. And it’s just reminding me why I got away from that kind of journalism. Knew it wasn’t for me covering a freaking burglary for the college paper. For whatever reason, my emotions get out of control about this stuff. It’s part of my whole depression thing. But I’m not getting into all of it now.

What I’m saying is this, though: I can’t do that kind of journalism, but God bless those who can. Journalists in Ferguson have been assaulted, tear gassed, thrown in jail for eating at a McDonald’s that police illegally tried to clear.

If I was there, no joke, I would’ve gotten shot by now, because I would’ve gone apes— on some of those cops. I just cannot handle bulls—, not at all, and if I saw those cops doing what they were doing …. Jesus, man.

This is why I’m writing books like the books I’m writing. This is why I’m writing more and more fiction that will be coming out eventually and now, after all this, hopefully very soon.

It feels really small of me to say this in context of all that, so let me reframe it this way: That’s a promise, from me to you. I just want to give you something good when everything seems bad, because that’s my heart, that’s what I’ve got, that’s pretty much all I’ve got, and that’s my mantra, man, to give you what I’ve got.

The world can be going to hell and the skies can be falling down around us, and I’ll just keep doing the best I can do find us a little uplift, just to give you a little reprieve, let you step away from it all for a moment and catch your breath, give you a second to regain your strength for the rest of the way.

And all that will be coming soon.

But for now, for the love of God and the love of your fellow man, please, please, please, find out everything you can about what’s happening in Ferguson, and write your congressmen and your friends and write the President, because this is not okay, this should not be happening, and we need to do everything we can to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

The best source of news right now: Not CNN or FoxNews or any of the broadcast channels or any of the big outlets. The best source of news right now is Twitter. Just go there and start reading and clicking Ferguson links and tweets and you’ll learn enough to keep you up all night. You can start with my timeline, where I retweeted a bunch of stuff, but please, move on, because I had to pull away. I couldn’t handle it. Thank God for those stronger than me.

Now go and make their work and their risk and their lives worth it.

4 Responses
  1. Lou Mindar

    I used to live in Ferguson. I bought my first house there. At the time (late 80’s), Ferguson was a sleepy little town. Not any more. What is going on there is wrong on so many levels.

    But to your larger point, I’m with you when it comes to covering these types of events from a traditional journalistic perspective. However, in the midst of all of the chaos, there always seems to be a great, uplifting story. I hate the negative side of the story (which invariably gets lots and lots of coverage), but I love the hopeful stories that come out of these tragedies.

    1. Brandon

      Wow, that’s wild that you used to live there. If you want to write something — share your thoughts or stories from your time in Ferguson contrasted with what you see there now, or something like that, or pretty much whatever you feel like — I’ll be happy to publish it here. Just email me: bmsneed at gmail dot com.

      1. Lou Mindar

        Not much to tell about my days in Ferguson. We only lived there a short time, from 8/88 to 1/90 I think. Since 1991 I’ve spent very little time in the St. Louis area. If the news reports are any indication, there are a lot more tanks and the police are much more heavily armored than I remember.