Great Music

I love music so much that it makes me a tiny bit sad I’ve never learned how to make any of it myself. I learned how to play the piano when I was around 7 years old or so but quit shortly thereafter and now have no idea what to do with one. Now I kind of wish I’d never quit. I’ve always sort of wished I learned how to play the drums, too. Also, I’ve also been gifted two guitars in my lifetime and never learned how to play either. I’m frustrated with myself for all of this. But alas, there was baseball and now writing and there’s always life, more and more life every day, and now I’m well into my 20s and just have way too much going on to learn such things right now. Maybe one day. Maybe one day.

In the meantime. I’m obsessed with great music. I have a bajillion different Pandora stations. I’ve liked more than 800 songs on Pandora over the years.

I want to start talking and sharing great music. Thus this YouTube playlist.

I’m almost always listening to something when I’m working – sometimes it’s chill classicy stuff like Mozart, chill post-rock stuff like Explosions in the Sky and Sigur Ros, straight-up get-pumped stuff like The Glitch Mob, indescribable stuff like Lorde, pop stuff like OneRepublic and Bastille, sometimes, yes, even throwback Christian rock like Pillar and POD and Pax217 and FallingUp, stuff that was really rebellious to listen to back in my churchy childhood — whatever I’m in the mood for really. I go through roughly two-week phases with everything.

Except country and rap. And sometimes even rap. Definitely never country, though.

Anyway. Here’s a YouTube playlist I’m making of some of that stuff. Thought you’d all dig it, too.

And no, I’m not organizing it, just throwing songs in there whenever I think to do it. I’ve tried organizing all of this before and that makes my OCD flare up and I don’t have time to fiddle with YouTube playlist organization right now, so here you go.

Whoo music!

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