Just a warning: I’m going to come off annoyingly earnest here, probably, so just steel yourself. Cool? Cool. But hey, if you like this post on my Facebook page and retweet it on Twitter, then you’ll automatically be entered in a drawing to win your own free copy of Behind the Drive. (Update: The giveaway happened yesterday, but stay tuned — we’ll be giving away a lot more books, and other good stuff, every couple of weeks.)

That’s what this is all about — we’re nearing the major launch of Behind the DriveThus far, BtD has gone for sale on Amazon and been made for sale in Hwy 55 restaurants nationwide, and it’s been available at various speaking engagements and the like. This has gone pretty well. Now, it’s going to be hitting Barnes & Noble soon, and other bookstores. And I really want this thing to get out into the world.

Here’s why I need your help.

Like much of my work the past six years, Behind the Drive is something of a passion project. I mean, I started a publishing company to put it out. (I’ll post more about how and why we ended up starting the company and publishing books this way, instead of traditionally or using self-publishing services, in a future post soon.)

Well technically, I started the company to put out The Edge of Legend in 2010. Thought that would be a one-off deal, but then it wasn’t, because of Behind the Drive. 

And to be perfectly clear, saying “I” started the company is inaccurate. My wife, Katie, started it with me. She really deserves most of the credit. She did a ton of the work. She’s the brains behind the operation, really. I can’t tell you how many late nights have left us sleep-deprived and maybe even sometimes in tears. I can’t believe she puts up with me. I’m a mess.

All I really know is I think stories are one of our most important resources. I believe in the power of a good book, in something you can sit down with and write notes in the margins of and highlight and dog-ear into oblivion. There’s something otherworldly about holding printed pages bound in your hand, reading words that you hear only as you hear it, letting your mind create the story as you read it, creating it in a way nobody else possibly could.

Those are the books I want to write.

That’s the sort of book I set out to write with Behind the Drive. 

Projects like Behind the Drive — a book that tells a story that’s about way more than just building a business — are what I live for. It’s about confronting one’s humanity, seeing one’s worst faults, and then having the guts to not blindly look away — having the guts to actually deal with it.

In the case of Kenney Moore, the book’s subject, this could have gone completely sideways. It very nearly did. For a time everyone around him thought it actually was. He made mistake after mistake to the point that he nearly lost the company he’d spent most of his adult life building, the company that had become his own little empire after a childhood spent laboring in poverty.

Then, the way it worked out, and why … that’s the whole reason for the whole book. (You can read some excerpts at behindthedrive.com.) It’s a lesson I have a hard time remembering myself, a truth I think we all struggle with: What we do should not, cannot, be just about ourselves.

That’s one of the hardest decisions to make, a decision that takes true guts — deciding to do something for someone else instead of just for ourselves. I’m still bad at choosing this correctly. That’s why I need books like Kenney’s, stories like the ones I write. And that’s why I so badly want to share them with the world.

So how can you help? If you haven’t already, order yourself a copy of Behind the Drive. If you are so moved, pass the word along. Tell everyone you know about it. Go to your local independent bookstores and ask them to order copies to sell in their store. Book me and/or Kenney for speaking engagements. Ask your local media to contact us for interviews. We’re working on all of this, but with a bootstrap marketing budget, every little bit of extra help, helps.

I can’t offer much in return, but I’ll give what I can — shoutouts on the blog, for sure. Whatever support you can give, I’ll make sure it is noted, and I’ll write a blog post about something you’re working on and want a little ink for, too.

Don’t forget to give yourself a chance to win a copy of the book. Like this post on my Facebook page and retweet it on Twitter — this automatically enters you in a drawing to win your own free copy. 

Thanks everyone.


(Pic by Amanda Holloman / Millie Holloman Photography)