“In Bad Times, Good Face”

Up late transcribing some interviews right now for my next ESPN The Magaine piece, trying to get as ahead on work as I possibly can right now. Life is insanely busy, and so I’m awake while my beautiful, warm wife sleeps alone. Something’s wrong with that. But I work so hard now so I can keep doing the work I’m doing now forever, when one day I get to work relatively normal hours so I get to go to sleep with my wife every night.

In the meantime, I get to go through interviews in which these amazing people say things that just make me better.

This guy got on a roll. Here’s a snippet.

And just wait until you read about this guy and the things he’s been through. You’ll be absolutely floored. 

The D.C. trip last week was amazing, in large part because I spent it around amazing people. I’m the luckiest guy in the world, getting paid to meet and get into the heads of people like this. They’ve taught me more than just about any sermon, any class lecture, any book. And I just hope I do them right and inspire you the way they inspire me—maybe help you get a little better by telling you how they made me better. 

His words:

I say it always. If you have a positive attitude, people will surround you. And they want that. Deep down inside, people want that positive attitude. 

We have a saying in Spanish. A mala hora buena cara.

When things are going bad, put up a good face. Literal translation is, in bad times, good face. When bad times are around, good face.