It’s All About Moving Forward—The Start Of My Guest-Posting At MyOneWord.Org

As of today, I’m writing occasional guest posts for, which is the online headquarters for a groundbreaking movement out of Port City Community Church. PC3, as the church is known here in Wilmington, is the megachurch I attend. (That I attend a megachurch is sorta crazy, and another story for another day. But a good story.)

“My One Word” replaces New Year’s Resolutions with, well, one word. The idea is that living to fulfill resolutions is less effective than living for a year by one word.

This year, my word is “forward.” That simply means moving forward with the different ideas I’ve had for awhile, while also forwarding my professional career.

I’ll explain more about that later. I would have in the MOW post, but I don’t really want to use my guest posts to promote myself—mostly because they told me not to, but also because it’s just poor form, but hey, that’s what a personal blog is for, right? I would explain now, but I have lots of other things to do today. Also, I’m hungry. 

Meanwhile, click “Click to read more …” for an excerpt from the post, and a link to the whole thing:

We were hanging out by the pool and I was about to leave, and so she hugged me, but we didn’t immediately pull apart. As we stood there holding each other, strangely not feeling awkward—maybe that’s just because we’d known each other ten years, so what’s a minute of hugging in a decade of friendship?—she called us nerds. I replied by asking to kiss her.

She asked if we could talk about it, and I said sure. Then I leaned forward and I kissed her.

It lasted only a moment—one of those moments that seem to last forever—followed talking for the next many moments. And then, after another kiss, I went home.

I’d mounted up on wings like eagles, and baby, I was soaring.

Two years and much prayer later, I married her—also with her permission—and now, a year and a half later, we’ve made it something like five times longer than half of celebrity marriages.

All of that is a sorta cheesy way of introducing my word this year: forward. Without that first step, that first kiss and that first conversation, terrifying and intense as it might have been, maybe we never … 

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