Katie surprised everyone by going into labor on Tuesday, exactly a week ahead of her due date, around 8 a.m. Everything went as smoothly as it possibly could, and that afternoon, July 22, our baby boy was born.

Newest on my list of life heroes are the midwives and nurses who handled Katie along the way — not even because Katie had a hard labor, because she had a remarkably easy one, as far as giving birth goes, but simply because of how huge their responsibilities are, and how easy they make it seem to handle them.

Speaking of heroes, though, Katie — oh my God, Katie. What a champ she was. She made it look so easy. When it came time to push, she got him into this world in less than half an hour. And then … she loves him so much. Which, of course she does. But she loves him so well. The way she looks at him, talks to him, feeds him, holds him.

photo 3When he cries, I try this trick where you sort of massage from the middle of his forehead outward. It’s really hard for babies to stay upset when you can ease their furrowed brow. But where I would rub his brow, Katie would kiss it.

The little dude has an incredible mother.

We haven’t slept much since Tuesday morning, really since about 3 a.m. when Katie thought her water might’ve broken, and Katie’s slept even less than I have. But our little dude is here, and he’s got all ten of his toes and his fingers, and he has hands that seem pretty big and our dads are already trying to teach them sports and everyone just loves everyone right now.

His name is Jonah.

Right now, I just want to introduce him. I’ll write more later. Probably a lot more. Something about having him here makes everything else in life make a little more sense.

I’m overwhelmed in all the best ways. I’m just so glad everything went so well, and I can’t believe how lucky we are. Not just us as a couple and a new family, but us, as human beings, for being able to create other human beings and give birth to them and give them life the way we can — the way we get to learn how to love.


2 Responses
  1. Greg Cauley

    So very happy for you and Katie. Nice that Jonah decided to come into this world the on July 22, which was my daddy’s birthday. Enjoy the ride, create all the memories you can for each other, and guide him in all of the proper ways.

  2. Richard Holliman


    That was an excellent introduction. Congrats to both you and Katie. I agree nothing in live is better than bringing a new child into the world. They bringing a lot of responsibility but an over abundance of JOY. God has given you and Karie an amazing miracle to love, nurture and cherish. Sounds to me like you are smitten and that is a very good thing. Look forward to seeing Jonah soon.
    Richard and Julia