Me on the FreshPod with Bryan Allain


Bryan Allain is a blogger up in Pennsylvania who has been called, among many other things I’m sure, one of the funniest Christians out there by Stuff Christians Like author Jon Acuff. He’s also a super cool dude, and is the creator of The FreshPod, A Podcast for Creatives. He interviewed me a couple weekends ago for it, and posted it this morning. 

So go check it out. And because I’m trying to be a better blogger–one of a million things Bryan and I talk about–and being a better blogger means involving your audience, I’m holding a contest: 

Who can count the number of times I say, “Um” or “Ah” or “Uhhhh”, and etcetera? Enter your guess below in the comments. 

So get your pen and paper, or your clicker counter, and go check it out by clicking here

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