New Story: “What Killed The Bear Lady?”

april-2016-coverI’ve got a new feature out in the April 2016 issue of Outside magazine: “What Killed The Bear Lady?” It’s about Kay Grayson, who was known as The Bear Lady because she lived with a pack of bears and spent the last 25 years of her life or so fighting poachers trying to kill them, until she was found having died under mysterious circumstances last January.

The story will be online sometime in the next few weeks, but in the meantime, the layout in the mag is gorgeous, and I don’t know about you, but I much prefer reading a hard copy than something online anyway, because I’m an old guy at heart apparently.

This was my first feature for Outside, and from the first time I thought to write it to the time we finished it took about a year. My editor, Jonah Ogles, and the whole team over there were fantastic to work with. My primary job right now is finishing my book, but soon as I have the time, I can’t wait to write something for them again.

Anyway, I know Barnes & Noble carries the magazine, and lots of other types of places should, too, so try to pick one up if you can. Or you know, just subscribe. It’s a pretty great magazine.

There are a bunch of other great stories in this issue, too, such as one about how running became an act of political rebellion in the country of Burundi, and another that’s a profile of a longtime Mount Everest guide. And there’s lots of other good stuff, too, as always.




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