Paintball! Part II

Played some paintball this weekend. Seriously, someone’s paying me to play paintball. And then write about it. Could I have a better job? Nope.

I definitely wore my fair share of paint. And then there was that one time I shot my own teammate. 


But after a couple of games I’d learned the field, and I was running around and GI Joe-crawling and lighting people up like I was freaking Master Chief or something. 

OK, maybe not all that. But man, I had a blast. And I’m definitely going back sometime.

Yeah, that’s me getting sneaky on somebody. [Photo courtesy Adrenaline Junkie Paintball]

Major thanks to Dennis and Lisa Layman, the owners of Adrenaline Junkie. They hooked me up with a free rental gun, free air, 500 free rounds, and even let me borrow a pair of camo pants when I showed up in blue jeans. 

On a more serious note: Developed even more of a heart for our men and women in the military. I think we’re blowing way too much money on these wars right now, and I know that a lot of that money is going to waste. But that’s not our soldiers’ fault. Had dinner with one this weekend. Have met countless others over the years, especially the last year and a half. And on Saturday, I met Dennis: a 20-year veteran, served mostly in the infantry. Worked retail for six years after, and “felt like it was sucking the life out of me.” 

Now he’s like a kid again, man. It’s a rare treat, seeing grown men that happy. He freaking loves this stuff. And that’s what’s awesome: he freaking loves something again. Many veterans get stuck somewhere, their life slowly draining away, but Dennis found a way to inject himself with new life. It’s new life that he’s been able to pass along to others like him, too. So great, meeting him. 

After I write my column about it, I’ll tell you more about the whole experience. For now, I’ll just say this: I’ve definitely got some welts.