How Spider-Man Inspired Me to Write a Book

I saw the first Spider-Man movie when I was around 13, I think.

I loved it so much I spent the next month writing a “novel” that pretty much mirrored it. A nerdy high schooler’s in love with a girl who’s with some jerk. Said nerdy high schooler works in a military lab. He accidentally ingests a top-secret formula. He develops superpowers and supersmarts. He was pretty much a Teenage Batman Lite. The rest of the book pretty much follows the plot of Spider-Man exactly, only with Batman stuff substituted for Spidey powers. Except he does have some sort of danger sense. I think his name was X-Man. And to make it “different,” I gave the story a Christian bent, ’cause I was raised in a super Christian home. It ended up some 200 pages long.

Super proud, I printed it off and distributed it to my family.

Then I got mad when my dad said it reminded him of Spider-Man.

And even more mad when my uncle Bob picked on me for making it the Christian version of Spider-Man.

“What does he do?” Bob said. “Get bit by a ladybug on the way home from Bible study?”

That was 13 years ago.

It was a terrible, terrible book. I was going to share it with you here but I couldn’t find it. That’s probably for the best.

But it was my first book-length book.

Thanks, Spidey.

What was the first book-length thing you wrote? 


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