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"Brandon Sneed is one of those younger writers who I’ve so enjoyed watching grow over the last few years. He wants to write stories that matter, stories that inspire."

Glenn Stout, NYT bestselling author of THE WOMAN AND THE SEA + series editor of "Best American Sports Writing"

Chasing Ambien with beer to sleep. Forty-pound weight loss. Chest pains. To stay in football, Urban Meyer had to address his mental health. Now, to help America tackle the issue, Ohio State’s head coach opens up in this B/R Mag exclusive.

Shaun White is still out here, from mountaintop bars to the beach house to Pyeongchang—no matter what the president says

For 28 years, Kay Grayson lived side-by-side with wild black bears in North Carolina’s swampy coastal forests, hand-feeding them, defending them against poachers, and letting them in her home. When she went missing last year, the only thing the investigators could find were her clean-picked bones. And that’s just the start of the mystery.

The king of the fight game walked away a UFC champ. Then his mind got to racing. But Georges St-Pierre needed to become imperfect before returning to the Octagon.

“Without us,” Kyle Johnson says, “there is no baseball.” Then why are so many minor leaguers like him getting paid below the poverty line?

The MMA champ looks the look and talks the talk. Neither bully nor saint, he fights, he forgives and he definitely cries. This is how a boy from Dreamsville got all he ever wanted.

At 34, Oklahoma’s Lincoln Riley is the undisputed wunderkind of football. Smiling, laughing, go go go—are you ready for what tomorrow feels like?

What if a 29-year-old former quarterback was good enough to play pro baseball, too? What if we all tried the things that people told us we could not do? Inside the final comeback of a born-again star.

A new B/R Mag ‘investigation’ reveals the REAL reason basketball bosses still rock suits on the sideline—plus an EXCLUSIVE look at the Bill Belichick of the NBA. Just a ridiculous, fun story.

Kids are becoming more famous, having more fun and feeling more hate than ever. Welcome to Little League baseball in the social media age, where going viral can change your life.

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