behind the drive: a story of passion dreams demons and hwy 55 the world’s next favorite burger joint

A promise

The best books tell stories you don't want to put down and that you can't stop thinking about when you're finished with them. That's definitely Behind the Drive.
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Life, dreams, reality, and Hwy 55

Hwy 55 and its creator Kenney Moore, and their story — it gave me something I badly needed, something that I knew I had to write about, so that other people would have a chance to get it, too.
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Giveaway winner!

Announcing the winner of the latest giveaway!
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How To Write A Book

So here's how Behind the Drive got written.
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You can order Behind the Drive now, so, please consider doing that, thanks.

Look — the best, most honest pitch I can give you is that writing Behind the Drive made me a better person. Sorry, I know that’s cheesy, but hey, facts are facts, right?
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