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The ConBody Kickstarter

Hey, remember former-drug-kingpin-turned-fitness-superstar Coss Marte? I profiled him for SB Nation back in April. And now, he could use some help and I thought you’d like to know about it — check out his Kickstarter page here. Basically, he needs to raise $25,000 in the next 25 days so they can build a much-needed new studio space....
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Sultan is one of the ex-felon Coss Athletics trainers who make a brief appearance in “The Remaking of Coss Marte,” my story that came out last week. He was an incredibly compelling guy in his own right, and I wished I’d been able to give him more space in the story. He probably deserves his own...
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Ray was one of the ex-felons who works with Coss now who made a brief appearance in “The Remaking of Coss Marte.” Ray also wore me out — when I was reporting Coss’s story in New York, I watched Coss lead one class, then participated in Ray’s class after that. I haven’t really worked out...
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How ‘Little Floyd’ Became ‘Money Mayweather’

Hot on the heels of my story about the unforgettable Coss Marte last week comes this profile of the inescapable Floyd Mayweather. Sorry to add to all the Mayweather noise, but I tried to do something nobody’s managed to really do — pin down who Mayweather really is, and why. Much like Floyd’s life, the...
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No Curtains Over The Windows: Or, How Coss and Jenn got together

How the least likely girl in the world to fall in love with ex-felon Coss Marte did, in fact, fall in love with him.
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The Remaking of Coss Marte

My new story is out now at SB Nation. Read it here. Been a long time since I’ve written any longform journalism, mostly because I spent most of last year focused on Behind the Drive, and my novel. (Behind the Drive is out now, too, by the way. You can read some excerpts at behindthedrive.com if...
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