‘I’m Not The Lone Wolf’

It’s 11:30 the morning of August 4. Urban Meyer just got out of a two-hour meeting with his staff. He’s wearing white running shoes, red Ohio State athletic shorts and a white long-sleeved OSU Dri-FIT shirt. In two days, the team arrives and fall camp begins. He’s had the busiest month of his life getting ready for...
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You’re Not the Lone Wolf, Part 3

  Hi again. You doing well this week? Hope so. I’m good. Here is Part 3 of the You’re Not the Lone Wolf series, a collection of notes and emails people have sent me after reading my Urban Meyer story for B/R Mag at Bleacher Report, “I’m Not the Lone Wolf.” James says: Thank you...
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You’re Not The Lone Wolf, Part 2

Hi again, everyone. How are you? I am well. Last week, I posted “You’re Not the Lone Wolf, Part 1,” sharing notes from people happy to hear Urban Meyer say he’s not the lone wolf when it comes to mental health problems, because that showed them that they are not lone wolves, either. So let’s jump right...
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Robin Williams and the truth about depression.

Depression sucks. Only thing worse is how little people understand it — and how much they can help.
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J.D. Gerlach: ‘Why I Run’

The story of a man who runs because of another man he never got to meet.
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On Philip Seymour Hoffman

A tribute. And an exploration of one of the biggest risks we'll take in our lives.
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