head in the game

The Performance Enhancer For Your Brain: How Elite Athletes are Using EEG to Get a Mental Edge

Many thanks to Sports Illustrated for running this excerpt from Head in the Game. It’s about how great athletes are using EEG technology to study and train their brains, much like they use film, personal trainers, and the like the study and train their bodies and their skills. Beyond their sports, too, it is having profound...
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Books I Read to Figure Out the Brain

When I started working on Head in the Game, I knew next to nothing about the real science of the brain. Biology and science were my least favorite subjects throughout school; I slept through the one biology class I was required to take in undergrad. So when it came to understanding the brain and how...
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Head in the Game and Beyond: Welcome to the Ride

Many of the athletes and scientists featured in Head in the Game say that what they are doing has the potential to change the world. I am generally averse to such grandiose claims, but in this case, they are more right than they are wrong. I am humbled and awed by the work being done in the...
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Introducing Head In The Game

My new book has a full title, official description, and, to my immense gratitude, some very nice things said about it by other, smarter, more successful people who seem to have enjoyed it.
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