hwy 55 burgers shakes and fries

Choices: 2014 in Review

A quick recap of what I've been up to and working on in 2014, and some goals for 2015, including trying to blog better for you, because you're awesome.
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Hwy 55 founder and president Kenney Moore’s shocking salary

The average American CEO in 2013 actually got paid 354 times more than the average worker. You'll never believe what Hwy 55 Burgers, Shakes, and Fries founder and CEO Kenney Moore pays himself.
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Franchise Business Review names Hwy 55 one of the top franchises in the country

This just made me really happy to see this morning. I grew up eating Hwy 55 burgers back when the company was called Andy's, and now that I'm writing a book about what it's really taken for Kenney to build and sustain and now grow this company, I have such a deep respect and appreciation...
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Announcing ‘BEHIND THE DRIVE’ at the Hwy 55 Rally

Wherein I announce my book to 2,000 at the Durham Performing Arts Center during the crazy-good Hwy 55 company rally.
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