the american dream

To cuss, or not to cuss.

At one point in Behind The Drive (out in March!), Kenney gives us this delight of a¬†sentence:¬†“And that’s when the fuzzin’ fuzzety fuzz fuzzes came out of me.” Only, in real life, Kenney didn’t say “fuzz,” but another word. This was one of the hardest decisions for me to make as I finished up the...
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Hwy 55 founder and president Kenney Moore’s shocking salary

The average American CEO in 2013 actually got paid 354 times more than the average worker. You'll never believe what Hwy 55 Burgers, Shakes, and Fries founder and CEO Kenney Moore pays himself.
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What ‘The American Dream’ Means To Entrepreneur Ian Blair of The Blair Group

A successful entrepreneur and the principal of a business consulting firm shares his thoughts on the modern American Dream.
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[BYD] What ‘The American Dream’ means to newspaper publisher Rick Stewart

When you think of big sexy American dreams, you don't necessarily think of running a set of community weekly newspapers and teaching college kids at a tiny liberal arts school. But this is, exactly and a thousand percent, Rick's dream, and it always has been.
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What does ‘The American Dream’ mean today? [BYD]

Some say the American Dream is dead. Is it though? Announcing a new series, Behind Your Drive. And a giveaway!
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