Ten22 is a small publishing company that I run with my wife, Katie. It is technically something of a re-launch: We originally started Port City Publishing in 2010 to publish my first book, The Edge of Legend, after an economic downturn rendered my publisher unable to see the project through. Long story short, I didn’t want to wait the one to two years it would probably take to find a new publisher, get to know new editors, and get everything else in the process going again. I also didn’t want to simply self-publish because, frankly, all of the options I found seemed more like book farms, publishing anybody who could come along with a few hundred bucks, and their quality reflected that.

So we started Port, in order to publish Edge on time, and we were plenty happy with the results, turning a tidy little profit. And then we sort of moved on.

But then we decided to start back up again, because make a good team. I don’t have anything against New York or any other traditional publishers — I hope to have books published with them soon, too, and I even have an agent.

Ten22 is just something a little different, something we think can help meet a need left vacant by the recent dramatic shifts in the publishing landscape.

Turns out, we were correct. As I was writing Behind The Drive with Kenney Moore, he asked about Ten22, and he liked what we were doing. After talking with my agent, we decided that this indeed would be the best option — it would get his book out at least a year sooner than we could with a New York publisher, and if the book performed even moderately well then we could make much more money on the back end, and if the book happens to do extremely well, then the odds are that a New York publisher would come calling anyway. And we are open to that.

But first and foremost, our goal is, simply, to put out into the world stories you will not forget.

Behind The Drive will be out in March 2015.

Our full website will be live soon. In the meantime, you can send inquiries and submission to ten22publishing at gmail dot com. (Just be aware that we may not be able to respond to ever email, and we are highly selective about the projects we work on.)

And thanks for checking Ten22 out.

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