Just wanted to take a quick second to thank the handful of you who stop by here on a regular basis. Really. Being a young writer with a blog focused on not much of anything, there are still a group of you who come by every day, and I’m really grateful for you. 

Come 2012, I’m hoping to find a bit better focus for the blog, or at least bring you more original content and other fun stuff. I’m totally open to suggestions. If you have a favorite blog post or something else I’ve written that you’d like to see more of next year, by all means, let me know. You can either drop that in the comments below or email me at bmsneed@gmail.com. 

You can skip the rest of this if you don’t want to read all about me. Just a quick recap of my year and a look ahead.

In fact, if you do skip it, at least, please, tell me about your year in the comments. What’d you do this year that was awesome? And what do you hope to do next year? 

It’s been a really, really great year for me and my wife, who amazingly sticks by me through all my crazy dreaming and ambition. The Edge of Legend did great, selling out in the region where it was published, which is awesome. I published my first long feature in a national magazine (“Nobody Walks Alone” in ESPN: The Magazine) and began work on a smaller basis for other national magazines. I landed my first cover story for a national magazine, which will be published by The Red Bulletin in January for their February issue. And I started grad school to get my master so that one day I can teach kids how to write and report real good. (Yes. That’s a nerdy grammar joke.)

Kate got herself a great new job.

My family’s been rocking out, too. Lil’ bro Kramer killed it in his first full minor league season in the Yankees’ organization, finishing in High A Tampa. Lil’ sis Kara’s getting all grown up, starting to student teach and whatnot in college. Lil’ bro Logan started his college basketball career. Lil’ sis Heidi acted as an extra in several big-time productions, getting her feet wet and figuring out hey, she totally digs movies. My parents moved from our little town of Greenville, where they’ve lived forever, to a fancy new house in Raleigh, and I couldn’t be more stoked for them. Been a great, great year. 

Here’s what’s coming up for me in 2012: 

  • Working hard to build our new website, HeyGoodCall.com, into a truly successful venture. It’s started out as solid as I could hope for right now, considering how busy I am with other things that actually pay me money instead of requiring I pay money. But I do expect this to involve us doing some crazy things to help out a few charities, as well as giving away some free stuff to you, our readers, so make sure to check that out on Facebook and Twitter
  • Continuing work for ESPN: The Magazine, with whom I’ve developed a great freelance relationship that I hope only continues to grow.
  • Continuing work for other great magazines for whom I contribute, such as The Red Bulletin, SLAM, Coastal Living, Atlanta, and many more. 
  • Starting to crack into a few other magazines and websites. Not sure yet if it’ll all play out, but right now I’m working on TheAwl.com, Grantland.com, GQ and GQ.com, and more. 
  • Maybe landing a book deal.
  • Finishing grad school in December. Can’t wait for that.
  • And I’m planning to start putting forth some real effort into writing more fiction. It’s a whole different kind of hard than writing nonfiction and journalism, but it’s something I’ve always wanted to do, so I’m going to go for it. Not sure in what form yet. Short stories for the most part, probably, and maybe some tinkering with a novel idea I’ve had for awhile. We’ll see. 

On top of all that, I’m hoping to make several road trips to catch Kramer in action again, see Logan hoop it up, and spend some quality time with the sisters as well as several other friends I never get to see anymore. Plus, Katie and I are trying to plan some fun trips, so yeah, 2012 is gonna be a rockin’ good time. 

So that’s that. Again, let me know what you’ve been up to in 2011, and what you plan for 2012.