My new story is out now at SB Nation. Read it here.

Been a long time since I’ve written any longform journalism, mostly because I spent most of last year focused on Behind the Drive, and my novel. (Behind the Drive is out now, too, by the way. You can read some excerpts at if you want. And the novel … well, it’ll be out sometime in the not too distant future, although I’m not sure when.)

I came across Coss’s story via an NPR interview he gave sometime late last year or early this year — not quite sure, but it was right around the time we were wrapping up BtD. Reached out, he was game, and I knew I had to write it.

And then, when I got to New York and hung out with him and his crew, the story became something way better than I even thought it could be.

I’m really proud of how it all came together, and the SB Nation designers did a gorgeous job with it.

Coss was the ideal guy to write about. Honest, humble, brave, transparent. It’s people like him and stories like his why I got into this business. So happy I could write this before someone else got to it, because I really think Coss is about to blow up.


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  1. Lou Mindar

    Great story, Brandon! You have a really good feel for this kind of inspiring story.