The rewards of writing a book

I’ve heard so many stories from so many people who’ve read the book. I’m not really making money off this book, and I’m not getting famous, and I’m not changing the world, or anything crazy. I’m not ready for all that yet. But the book, its story, is having an impact.

It’s given people something we all fantasize about: the chance to travel back in time, at least a little bit. It’s taken people back to places and days that have been stored in their minds for a long time, and are now getting pulled out and dusted off, like a favorite memento from the attic. 

These notes, these dispatches from time travelers, they move me. 

Here’s just the latest.

Brandon, I…happen to have played basketball at Atlantic Christian/Barton. I really enjoyed reading your book about Anthony and the magical Barton team. Your description of the gym and the life of a small college basketball player brought back a lot of memories. I was fortunate to attend several of the games during Barton championship season. The first time I saw Anthony play, I thought to myself I was glad I was not playing anymore. He was very special. Great book…

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