The Strikeout

Hey folks, here’s something that got cut from the Urban Meyer story that I think you’ll like … 


One of the players involved on that crucial fourth-down play—Urban doesn’t want to use his name, so let’s call him Bill—ended up suffering a great deal of emotional fallout.

Urban urged Bill to visit the team psychologist, and Bill did, and they did more than that, too. They checked in with each other constantly, often with Urban texting Bill a question: “What are you grateful for?”

“There’s two gifts we’ve been given by God—the gift of compassion, the gift of gratitude—that help us get emotionally back,” Urban says.

They both found that the more they talked about the things they were grateful for, the better they felt.

baseball-294087_1280The following year, Urban’s son, Nate, a freshman in high school, was playing baseball and his team reached the state quarterfinals. He had a walk-off, game-winning hit, and his teammates carried him off the field.

The game after that, with his team losing, Nate game up again with two outs in the last inning – and he struck out.

He cried in the car afterward and nothing Urban or anyone else could do would work.

You’re a coach, Urban thought. You’re his dad. Help him out. 

Then, a thought.

Urban pulled out his phone and called Bill and told him what happened and then handed the phone to Nate.

Bill asked Nate, “What are you grateful for?”

They talked for 20 minutes, and Urban watched as with every passing moment, Nate sat up a little straighter, and the tears dried up.

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