I’m planning a pretty epic blog post or two chronicling a trip I took over the weekend to New York City with my dad, youngest brother, and uncle. We left Friday morning and I got back to Wilmington this morning around 1:30. 

[ Me / Logan / Kramer / Dad ]

What happened in between is the stuff movies are made of.

OK, maybe not. But definitely epic blog posts. And some essays I’ll be submitting to some magazines.

A quick glance at parts of what I’ll be writing about:

  • Spending an hour in standstill traffic on a major highway. (OK, actually, this just sounds boring after one sentence, so scratch that.)
  • Staying up til 4 a.m. watching movies with Logan (the youngest brother).
  • Watching Staten Island Yankees (NY Yankees Single-A short season affiliate) with the NYC skyline and harbor in the background.
  • Heading into the Bronx to check out Yankee Stadium and talking a scalper down to $25 per ticket — for YANKEES/RED SOX TICKETS. 
  • Then getting $250 tickets by helping a mom.
  • So to sum that up, getting $250 tickets, to Yankees/Red Sox, for $25.
  • Five baseball games in three days, including the younger brother’s first pro start in Staten Island, and two Yankees/Red Sox games in Yankee Stadium.
  • Giving celebrities directions on the subway.
  • Spending five minutes holding the same pole on the subway with said celebrity without realizing he was said celebrity.
  • Celebrities take subways too!
  • Did I mention celebrities?
  • Uncle Bob singlehandedly cheering the Staten Island Yankees to victory after their defense crapped it up in younger brother Kramer’s start. No, really, he was officially given credit for the win. 
  • And more! And with videos! In HD!

I may have had too much coffee this morning.

Seriously though, hope to have some of that up by the end of the week. It’ll be tough. Lots going on right now, and I need to get organized for the coming couple of weeks. 

The book’s coming out soon. Hopefully next month. And I’ll be getting an excerpt up by the end of this week, promise.

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  1. ClownBaby

    If you need me to upload anything to youtube just let me know. Mike dancing on the dugout will be up soon, no worries there.