This is the story that’ll never end, and I love it.

More than two and a half years ago now — holy crap, has it really been that long? — I profiled Greg Cauley for GQ. Cauley is the University of North Carolina’s biggest fan: He’s been to every home UNC basketball game since 1985 and every home football game since 1974 (and all but one of their away games, traveling to 30 states to watch them). Also, he’s recorded every game on TV since ’82 and has a banner signed by every Tar Heel who’s played since 1975.

He’s a good dude and he knows what he loves and he just goes with it. He’s the ideal fan: Dedicated and loyal and passionate to a fault, but also kind and humble and so, so respectful. I feel lucky to know him, and whenever I get sick of the ludicrous way too many sports fans behave, I think of Greg, and it keeps me sane.

And even better, ever since the GQ story ran, Greg’s steadily gotten more and more famous.

This past April, CBS Sports featured Greg in a feature about college basketball superfans that aired during its NCAA basketball tournament covered.

And two days ago, someone from the UNC Sports Marketing Department emailed me, asking if I could give them Greg’s contact info. I emailed Greg and asked; he said of course. Turns out, the ACC wanted to get in touch with Greg: the conference is putting together a program in which they capture the gameday atmosphere at each of its schools during football season. At the end of the season, they’ll broadcast the program on ESPN.

This weekend is Carolina’s turn. The ACC people are going to be getting video of all the traditions, pageantry, tailgating, etcetera — and they want to spotlight a fan.

Greg is that fan. They asked him to get Atlantis, the car he drives to every game, decked out in the million magnets he puts on it, and they’re going to follow him to the stadium, and then they’ll interview him. They also asked him to take some of his memorabilia with him. He says he’ll probably take a few of his 1973 ticket stubs.

His reaction to all the attention? Here’s what he wrote on Facebook: “As always, just honored to be asked to share what, for me, is a joy and passion. Should be a fun night.”

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  1. Greg Cauley

    Thanks again, Brandon, for the kind words and your part in helping to make this magical ride possible!