Uptown Greenville Umbrella Market


Hey everyone! So look, starting today, every Wednesday through August 26, I’ll be hanging out at the Umbrella Market at the Five Points Plaza in uptown Greenville from 5-8 p.m.

This is a great event – put on by the Uptown Greenville organization, the Umbrella Market is a place for people and businesses to gather in a big lot in the middle of Greenville and hawk their loot. It’s a great way to just sort of hang out and see a bunch of cool stuff that the locals have made and get to know the crafty and businessy people in town.

They have a big event every few weeks, and they often have great live music. Plus, there’s lots of great food to eat and drinks to drink and all kinds of other fun stuff you can buy. (Here’s a bunch more info, including a big list of the 60-plus vendors who will be there, and here’s another link also with more info.)

I’ll be selling copies of Behind the Drive and The Edge of Legend, of course, but I’ll also be talking anything writing-and/or-publishing related you might want to ask about.

I’ll also be collecting names and email addresses for occasional drawings wherein you can win some free stuff.

So come on out. It’ll be a good time.

See ya there!

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