We went and took lots of pictures of Harlem Globetrotter “Ant” the other day

Well, Brent Holloman, a talented graphic artist who’s also a professional photographer with Millie Holloman Photography went with me to take lots of pictures of Harlem Globetrotter “Ant” the other day. If you’re out of the loop, I’m writing a book about Ant* that will publish in fall 2010 and am handling a lot of the publishing side of things, too. Part of that includes getting cover art and such. 

*(Dude’s an awesome basketball player and an even better person and Christian. His story’s phenomenal, way better than I even thought when I launched into the project last April. Can’t wait for the world to get to read about it.)

Brent’s an awesome photographer and I can’t thank him or Millie enough for letting us steal him away for a day. Here’s a few of my crappy shots from when we were shooting in the gym at Ant’s alma mater, Barton College in Wilson, NC. The lighting was amazingly difficult to shoot in, especially since I didn’t use any flash or anything, but Brent got some amazing shots. I can’t wait to see what we get out of this.

Meanwhile, amuse yourself with these.

Brent getting the megaflash situated.


Brent checking the situation.

Brent checking the situation with Ant.

Ant doing cool stuff.

Ant doing more cool stuff. 

* * * 

And Brent got loads upon loads more pictures. Some really are awesome.* “With a title like The Edge of Legend, you need something pretty epic,” he said. He had a few that indeed were. Can’t freakin’ wait. 

*Hint: See that ladder in the background? That came in handy.

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