Hey everyone.

Behind the Drive is now available for pre-order through They ship Monday, March 16. Over the next few weeks, it’ll make its way onto Amazon and into bookstores, too.

It’s a bit of a soft launch, and this book will likely be a slow burn, but we really think that once people get ahold of it, and start telling other people about it, it can really catch on.

Of course, there’s no telling in the book publishing world. It’s really a crapshoot. All you can do is put out the best product possible and tell people about it, and hope they want to buy it.

That said — we’ve put together one heck of a product. You can go read the blurbs if you want — I thought about trying to weave them in here, but that just felt, I don’t know, salesman-y or something, and I’m bad at that. I just want to be like, “Hey everyone, so I wrote this thing, and it’s actually a pretty great story, and I’d really love it if you’d go buy it so as to contribute to my providing nourishment and shelter for my offspring … thaaanks.”

Look — the best, most honest pitch I can give you is that writing Behind the Drive made me a better person. Sorry, I know that’s cheesy, but hey, facts are facts, right?

I’ve been in journalism for nine years now, and Kenney Moore was as open and honest and fearless with his story as anybody I’ve ever written about. That’s what makes worthwhile stories — and Kenney just poured out his soul, spilling out the worst parts of himself for the world to see, just because he thought that maybe it might help someone.

I know we’ve all got a million books to catch up on and only so much money to spend on said books and only so much time to spend reading said books …

But also, I think this is a book that, after people read it, they’ll be glad they did.

OK, I’ll shut up now.

( Go to there.)

Thanks everyone.