You’re Not the Lone Wolf, Part 1



The reaction to “I’m Not The Lone Wolf,” my B/R Mag story about Urban Meyer and his struggles with mental health has been overwhelming.

I hoped, maybe even expected, that the story would touch a nerve with some folks.

I had no idea it would reach as far as it did.

I’ve received emails, messages, and phone calls from people all over the world telling me that Urban’s story hit them right in the heart.

I want to share a few of those with you now – lightly edited for clarity, etc. – because so many people said essentially one same thing.

They said this helped them see that they, too, are not the lone wolf.

More to come. For now …

Keith says:

“That should be required reading for every man in this country, especially husbands and dads. I was like him too. My drive to be everything in my job cost me one marriage, and I pretty much missed seeing my four girls grow up. It took me over 50 years of my life to learn what Urban did. I hope young guys will read this and not make the same mistakes we did.”

Brian says:

“It is critically important to eliminate the stigma of mental health and addiction issues. I can relate in so many ways to Urban Meyer’s story. I am a recovering alcoholic, and suffered from debilitating depression. As a result of my experience in a partial hospitalization program, I decided to change my career to develop a solution to reduce rates of relapse among people in recovery.

As you know we have a heroin epidemic, other substance use issues, and millions of mental health issues. We need to find better solutions.”

Brett says:

“I want to be a football coach one day, and that is what called me to read this article. I could not believe how much Coach Meyer and I are alike.

I suffer from those same thoughts Coach Meyer had at the end of his Florida stop. I feel like I know what to do to get these feelings to go away, but I just cannot overcome them. Hopefully this article will help me.

It is nice to know there is someone out there that is fighting the same battle I do.”

Andy says:

“Your article on Urban Myer spoke directly to me. In my line of work, attention to detail and persistence is the only measure of success and often times leads to the obsessive compulsive actions.

I found myself physically leaning in as I read this article and was on the edge of my seat throughout.

Thank you for reaching out to those of us who will never have a story written about our life.

I printed this link off and will have my wife read it. Although you wrote it specifically about Meyer, please know you wrote it also about me. Thank you for giving me a voice.”

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