You’re Not the Lone Wolf, Part 3



Hi again. You doing well this week? Hope so. I’m good.

Here is Part 3 of the You’re Not the Lone Wolf series, a collection of notes and emails people have sent me after reading my Urban Meyer story for B/R Mag at Bleacher Report, “I’m Not the Lone Wolf.”

James says:

Thank you for telling the Urban story. More than you can imagine have similar issues.

Hopefully I will take the lesson learned and start applying them.

Jesse says:

I am extending to you a sincere thank you for writing your article on Urban Meyer and mental illness. In fact, this is the first time I have ever goneĀ out of my way to write a message like this.

The piece was great, and eye opening for me. Not because it lifted the shell of perfection off of a great leader and coach, but because it clicked with me 100%.

As I read the description of Urban Meyer’s “old” way of thinking, I felt like I was reflecting in a mirror. It was relieving to read your article and realize that I, too, am not alone in being “wired” that way.

Britton says:

His willingness to talk openly about OCD and Anxiety is life-changing for so many of us.

My father attended Michigan Law School and I went to every UM home game from 1977-1995. Great, emotionally uplifting times, but nothing like reading this.

I hope Coach realizes how great this is for him to do. It gives all of inspiration to keep pushing.

I HATE Jim Tressel, but Urban Meyer is now the best, most courageous man in football.

Don says:

It was like I was reading about me. I showed the article to my wife, and she started crying because it was so similar. Recognizing that I have the same issues affecting me has opened my eyes.

I can’t say thank you enough. And thank you to Coach Meyer for talking about it.


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